George's Story - Is Taste More Important Than His Life?

June 17, 2018


This is the story of a beautiful pig we met at Tideford Abattoir in Devon. We have named him George.


George will shortly be going to slaughter.  In fact by the time some of you see this video, George will already be gone.


His fate will see him electrocuted and his throat slit, before being chopped into pieces so people can consume his flesh.


- Is the taste of George’s flesh worth more than his life?

- Could his death have been avoided?

- Can we really justify the killing of an animal like George for something we don’t even need?


Animals like George can have a better future, if we all just change what’s on our dinner plates.


Choose kindness <3


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Note: We kindly ask that no hate or abuse is directed to any of the workers of this slaughterhouse. We at Virtue truly believe that 99% of people are good people deep down and have just yet to connect to the reality of what is happening. Most people have been bought up into this world to see these actions as normal; and through no fault of their own. This isn't to excuse these actions in any way, this MUST stop, but only through love, kindness and compassion will we truly break the conditioning that we believe is the root of the problem. Thank you x

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